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What It Is 

  A decal is a heavy duty sticker that can be re-used many times, thanks to the special adhesive on the back. Decals can be installed and removed from a surface dozens of times, without damaging the paint job.

  This makes Magic Goods’ , “MirroDec”  decorative decal mirrors a beautiful AND easy to install home decoration. Just take them out of the packaging and stick them on the wall for an instantly recognizable, bright, reflecting effect.
  Magic Goods’ , “MirroDec” decals are best used as decorations. Because of the unique aesthetic qualities that mirrors offer, they can be arranged in as many patterns as your imagination will allow. We currently offer acrylic mirror wall decals in fifteen shapes:

- Fish (7 pieces total)
- Lips (2 pieces total)
- Target Circles (15 pieces total)
  Butterfly and heart shaped decals are popular in children’s bedrooms, while squares, circles and stars are often used in ‘post modern’ office interiors. But how you use them is really up to you with 10 decals, you can make almost anything you want!   

Acrylic Mirror Wall Decals, Available In Fifteen Beautiful, Unique Designs!

  Mirrors aren’t just for grooming. As any interior decorator will tell you, mirror decals make excellent decorations in bedrooms and living rooms, giving interior spaces a more open, vibrant and elegant appearance. Decals are particularly popular in children’s bedrooms, but can make a wonderful addition to virtually any part of your home or office décor. Lately, they’ve become very popular in ‘post modern’ style urban office interiors.
  Magic Goods’ brand new line of mirror decals, “MirroDec” make decorating your home quick, easy, and affordable. These re-usable decals (heavy duty stickers) can be installed and removed without causing any damage to the wall, yet will adhere strongly to just about any surface. And being made from the top quality materials, they will look great in just about any room, reflecting light in beautiful shapes and patterns. 


How To Use It

  Installing decals is simple: just press the back against the wall and flatten it with your fist. The adhesive is already in place on the back of the decal, and can be re-used several times. After installing all your acrylic mirror decals, you should peel off the transparent plastic coat from the acrylic mirror side of the decal.

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